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dnswalk Package Description

dnswalk is a DNS debugger. It performs zone transfers of specified domains, and checks the database in numerous ways for internal consistency, as well as accuracy.

Source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dnswalk/
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  • Author: David Barr
  • License: Artistic

tools included in the dnswalk package

dnswalk – Checks DNS zone information using nameserver lookups
root@kali:~# dnswalk —help

Usage: dnswalk [-OPTIONS [-MORE_OPTIONS]] [—] [PROGRAM_ARG1 …]

The following single-character options are accepted:
With arguments: -D
Boolean (without arguments): -r -f -i -a -d -m -F -l

Options may be merged together. — stops processing of options.
Space is not required between options and their arguments.
[Now continuing due to backward compatibility and excessive paranoia.
See «perldoc Getopt::Std» about $Getopt::Std::STANDARD_HELP_VERSION.]
Usage: dnswalk domain
domain MUST end with a ‘.’

dnswalk Options

-r     Recursively descend sub-domains of the specified domain.
-a     Turn on warning of duplicate A records.
-d     Print debugging and ‘status’ information to stderr.  (Use only if redirecting stdout).
-m     Perform checks only if the zone has been modified since the previous run.
-F     Perform  «fascist»  checking.  When checking an A record, compare the PTR name for each IP address with the forward name and report mismatches.
-i     Suppress check for invalid characters in a domain name.
-l     Perform  «lame  delegation»  checking.   For every NS record, check to see that the listed host is  indeed returning authoritative answers for this domain.

dnswalk Usage Example

Attempt to get DNS zone information from the target domain (example.com.):

root@kali:~# dnswalk example.com.
Checking example.com.
root@kali:~# dnswalk -r -d example.com.
Checking example.com.